Life Success Club with Kurek Ashley: $1 Trial

$1 Trial for 7-days, then AUD $47 monthly

7 day trial
Subtotal: $47.00 AUD every month
Setup Fee: $1.00 AUD
Trial: 7 day trial
Due Now: $1.00 AUD

Pay $1 now, and you get: 

  • Get started straight away with listening to your first months video and audio coachings with world-leading Success Coach Kurek Ashley
  • Instant access to Bonus Content  area!
  • Access to the Official Life Success Club facebook group to start networking with Kurek's success-driven, empowering global online community - incredible networking opportunities!
  • Access the video and audio coachings easily from any device (get coached at a time that suits you!)
  • Your entire family living with  you gets access to the LSC  too - WOW!
  • Get new coaching videos and audios EVERY MONTH to help you get the success mindset required to achieve the goals you're working on.

  • PLUS, get LSC member-only discounts to Kurek's live events, retreats and workshops!

Cancel anytime! 

It's just $1 for your trial and then if you don't cancel within 7 days, you'll become a full Life Success Club member and will be billed for just AUD$47 a month.

  • Cancel at anytime, any month simply by responding to one of our emails and letting us know or emailing us at
  • Note that a cancellation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! As long as you're subscribed to the monthly program, you have access to the members area with all of these resources.

You'll see straight away that by just paying $1 on the 7-day trial that you're getting access to the same strategies that have helped Olympians win gold medals, top-Hollywood Directors and Producers make blockbuster films, people overcome serious dis-ease to achieve full health again, and global entrepreneurs wield huge profits!

What People Are Saying:

“With the strategies I learned from Kurek in the Life Success Club and all of the support I got from the members, I took control of the poor health I was in, I lost over 50 pounds in a few months, and turned my health around. It's like having a whole new life.”

Jim Jensen, US Navy (Retired)

“The Life Success Club give you a very practical plan and strategies on how to achieve you goals and succeed in whatever goals you set yourself.”

Julie Chadwick

“The LSC is a sanctuary to help build positive habits & breed success. I can't wait to be a part of this next evolution. "There's no other feeling quite like being surrounded by a group of truly like minded & motivated individuals. It is undeniably contagious.”

Danny Watkins, Sydney, Australia

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Life Success Club with Kurek Ashley: $1 Trial $1 Trial for 7-days, then AUD $47 monthly
Setup Fee $1.00 AUD
Trial 7 day trial
Due Now $1.00 AUD