$994 deposit for 2 x tickets at super-early bird price (room-share), remainder to be paid by 15th September 2019

Subtotal: $994.00 AUD
Sales Tax:
Due Now: $994.00 AUD


All registration orders are subject to acceptance by the Event Organiser.

A completed Registration Form must accompany your deposit payment (the online registration form will be emailed to you).

This deposit for 2 x tickets secures your spot on the 22-25 Feb 2019 Find Your Fire retreat until 31st January 2019, at which time the remaining payment of $1,800 is due.
We will be in touch to mutually agree on payment milestones in between now and 31st January to best support you to make your payments so you can make the retreat! 
Payment is non-refundable and non-transferrable. Please notify us in writing if there are any personal circumstances preventing you from attending the event.

It is the responsibility of the Customer to inform the Event Organiser of any change in contact details after event registration and for the duration of the event. Please note that our preferred method of contact is email (ask@kurekashley.com).

Although great care is taken, the customer is entirely and solely responsible for their own safety, health and general well-being for the duration of the retreat event including all activities. Please advise the Event Organiser at the time of event registration on the registration form (emailed to you) of any known injuries, ailments, disabilities, medication you are taking or anything else that may affect your ability to fully participate in the program.

The Customer is entirely and solely responsible for their own belongings/valuables.

By agreeing to these Terms and Conditions I, the Customer, agree to allow Kurek & Erin Ashley to use photographs and video footage that may be taken during the event for the promotion of Kurek & Erin Ashley and associated events only, by way of website, social media, print publications and any other promotional medium. I understand that photos and footage may be made to the general public.

I acknowledge and agree that by purchasing these 2 x ticket retreat tickets that we will be granted our own private bedroom within a shared beach villa at Allure Stradbroke Resort (please contact Erin at ask@kurekashley.com if you wish to upgrade to your own private villa for an additional $300).
I agree to be quiet and courteous to my villa mates at all times and to abide by the rules of the accommodation provider.

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Couples/Twin-Share Super Early Bird Ticket on Payment Plan - Find Your Fire retreat November 2019

Total ticket cost per person $1,397 - save $600pp off full priced single ticket!